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The Gun_Collector@Gun_Collector has been collecting firearms for 20 years.  He has been able to marry his passions for firearms and photography together on Instagram where he has accumulated more than 55,000 followers.

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  3. Hello
    I looking at buying an AR15 what would you recommend in the $800 range?


    • In the $800 range there is an outfit in Texas that sells guns at close to wholesale prices called CDNN. They have good AR-15s cheap! For example DPMS Carbine for $749 – $100 off retail price. They may have others like Mossberg cheaper but for sub $800 I would go with that DPMS. You have to call them 800.588.9500 to find out what’s in stock. Basically the process is you find a local FFL or gunshop that will do a transfer and background check for you. There is a tool on that can help you find one. Typically pay $25-50 for a transfer, but because you are buying from Texas you pay no tax so it evens out. You need to find an FFL before you buy and they will need to email or fax their license to CDNN.

  4. I bought a new pistol for my son and he is 22yrs of age and been around firearms since 7. It is Tauras PT 92 AF in 9mm para . Frame serial # matches barrel serial #. Clips supplied with gun are Cal.9mm. The problem is the barrel is a 40 cal. He discovered this after the 2nd round fell thru barrel. The first round was picked up off ground and was expanded. It was then field striped and the barrel had a 40 stamped in it . No other letters beside the 40.Should we just have Taurus replace it or is their any colector value ?

    • Gun_Collector

      You definitely want to contact Taurus. If you bought from a reputable dealer you can try to take it back, but they may say contact the manufacturer. Try the dealer first, they should never have sold you the gun like that. Worse case scenario is that you have to get a 9mm Barrel. No collector’s value. It is a manufacturers defect.

  5. That’s the way went,and everything is working out perfect, Just wondering about other value. Taurus is sending new gun and a care package ( tee shirts and other stuff) .

    Thanks for input , knew what was right thing to do .


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